PRESS TEXT Spring/Summer 2019 MUSE


We attract each other.
Magic is in the air, when we entert he room.
We have an electrifying effect on silent observers. You, surrounded by grace and
Me, kissed by creativity and you, my muse.
We can only survive with each other.
We are nothing without each other.
Every sunbeam captured to let your blossoms bloom. Every second is absorbed to drape silk around your body. I let an ocean of flowers grow for you,
So you will kiss me every day anew.

A designer ́s life is exciting and diverse. Many impressions are collected and implemented in collections in a constructive process of creation. To wear and feel. In order to be inspired anew every season, Marcel Ostertag goes on an exciting journey, dreams himself into passed decades and captures emotions. With his collections, the designer tells stories like no other designer, which don ́t only inspire but should also encourage reflection and the joyful consumption of luxury. And at the same time, Marcel Ostertag calls to enter a connection – similar to a relationship – with fashion and the different favourite pieces. You have to stroke and value fashion. Fashion must be your strengthening companion. Be at your side even in difficult times – just like a strong partner.

For the spring/summer 2019 season, Marcel Ostertag takes us on his journey with him, which tells us about the close relationship between him and his muses in dazzling colours. This is not simply about inspiration, but also a “thank you”, which the designer wants to say to all his creative sources. Sources from which he draws strength and inspiration over and over again.

`Kissed by the muse ́ really hits the nail on the head, because despite today ́s hustle and bustle, Marcel Ostertag lets himself be kissed everyday anew in order to design beautiful fashion. Fashion which lets us dream and indulge. Far away from the fast pace of mainstream brands, Marcel Ostertag creates his own niche, where he spins a cocoon of safety for the people. His designs take people by the hand and strengthen their self-esteem. In October 2017, the designer opened his first store in Berlin. The personal contact to the customers proves to him and his team that his strategy is bearing fruit. A grip on reality and a clear message underline his history ́s success.

Among his muses is his mother Doris Ostertag, who thanks to a strong bond is adviser and muse at the same time. Brand Manager Julia Gockeln is a parade example for a generation of modern, inspiring women, who are just as involved in the development of the Ostertag concept. For Marcel Ostertag, muses are people who inspire thanks to their personality and are concerned with their effect on others and who especially show attitude – an attitude towards sustainability and consumption. Customers such as Nicola Müller-de-Ahna, who thanks to a special connection become friends, tell their own life story in Marcel Ostertag ́s collection. An intensive experience for the designer. He is grateful for all these wonderful muses kissing him over and over again.

The new collection lets us walk over a floral rainbow. The iris blossom is implemented as All Over Print. To that, twentyfour colours are added, which – in their rainbow design – should remind us of an important topic. In many cultures world-wide, the rainbow serves as a symbol for awakening, change and peace. It is the sign of tolerance and acceptance, the diversity of different forms of life, the hope and longing for freedom. With this collection, Marcel Ostertag wants to encourage everyone who needs help and hope and show that we will continue fighting. Together.

That is also a reason, why Marcel has incorporated men ́s power on the catwalk for the first time in twelve years. The Capsule collection for the male muses at Marcel ́s side includes ten looks, which are especially dominated by summer cashmere and floral prints. Here, too, a must for the designer is “Made in Germany”. Marcel Ostertag has been working together with the company Strickchick in Apolda for the DOB. Now Mr. Rosner and his team are also taking over the men ́s collection.

Marcel ́s journey again leads us to the seventies. A decade that has always fascinated him. Music, fashion, art and this era ́s freedom repeatedly get him into top gear. With this collection, he shares his inspiration from this time with us: Ranging from the big Red Carpet robe to the casual silk overall – this collection clearly has addiction potential. The synergy of design and the exquisite choice of material let us dream of next summer already.

Matching this flowing collection, Johann Ostertag has developed an exciting music concept. Modern and up-to-date, Johann selects tracks from the electronic genre. Furthermore, his dance sounds will seduce us at the After Show party.

Marcel Ostertag thanks all his partners from the bottom of his heart: Annette Wilk and her assistant Alina Rückerl plus the team of Wilk PR. And of course especially his team, that is always at his side: Julia Gockeln, Katharina Ohmert, Peter Fellner, Alicia Broesamle, Susanne Küchler, Jasmin Rauscher, Miriam Späth, Max Fellerich, Solveig Kröger and Andreas Hauke. As well as of course all the helpers and good souls who have realised the show and the shooting with Marcel and his team.

Without you, the journey wouldn ́t be half as exciting!
We are looking forward to the coming season and can ́t wait for the next summer to come! Because “I want it” is top of the list.