PRESS TEXT Spring/Summer 2020 LOVERS


Love for everyone.
Climbing mountains together, falling into valleys together.
Together we are strong and invincible.
A thousand metres of silk tie us together.
Every centimetre of material forms a net.
A safety net, in which love secures us.
Summer is coming and has something for us –
Love. Love for everyone.

Lovers – could there be a more beautiful inspiration for a fashion collection?
Not for Marcel Ostertag and his Spring/Summer 2020 collection.
As a designer who is strongly inspired by emotions, this collection focuses on the zeitgeist. Thus, in times where we tend to move away from each other, the collection should encourage us to reapproach each other. 

Fashion is powerful. Fashion can move you, creates emotions and tells stories. Marcel Ostertag uses this platform to tell stories.
“In my life, it has always been important to also base my company on an emotional level. I don´t need maths, I need love – just like we all do. However, my approach may be different. When I think of love, I don´t think of a relationship; when I think of love, I think of the entire entity. Everyone deserves love and I try to express my love in my collections. In order for us all to share it. Unfortunately, recently I have been feeling less love from the outside. That is why I have decided to change something. In times of digital estrangement, I want to create emotions and nearness.”

Lovers as an inspiration lead us through a collection concept which – apart from the emotional source, features an adaptation to the current season-cycle. Marcel Ostertag and his team work on their own market´s awareness. Marcel Ostertag does not force us to read between the lines. His passionate pleads after the shows puts what many of us think straight. We have to change something! Together.
Behind every Marcel Ostertag collection, there is a valuable message. Together with Julia Gockeln, Managing Director of the company, Marcel works on concepts which drive the label forward – in times of an insecure market. By developing new strategies, a valuable impulse is created that points in one direction: the future.

Here, sustainability plays an important role within the company and especially in the close relationship with his muses and customers. The complete transparency of all production and design processes thereby create a strong bond with the brand Marcel Ostertag and creates trust.

With his impressive collections, he creates lasting impressions. Marcel Ostertag does not measure his success on the basis of sold pieces, put on the basis of the stories which the wearers of his fashion experience. Beginning with the first feel of the textiles up to dancing through the night.

Marcel Ostertag and his team clearly focus on the collection and the importance of every single piece. “So detailed, so beautiful, so soft” were some of the first reactions of Ostertag´s muses who have already had a sneak preview.

Silk dresses, light blouses, airy caftans, swinging skirts and an enthralling colour concept flow together with Ostertag´s typical prints. Little playful pearl embroideries trickle down pastel-coloured dresses – just like summer rain. Romantic and playful, however featuring clear lines. Details in French lace, which is still produced traditionally to this day. That is what makes an intense liaison: contrasts. The designer has played with contrasts ever since his first collection. To him, love for everyone means not working for specifically one sex. The closeness of the genders shows in the homogenous merging of materials, prints and silhouettes. Thereby, men´s and women´s wear merge and form a unity. Marcel´s lovers.

Like every season, the concept Marcel Ostertag would not be possible without the fantastic team behind it. Marcel Ostertag´s thanks go out to the team in the Berlin studio and Head Office - Julia Gockeln, Katharina Ohmert, Susanne Küchler, Alicia Brösamle, Andreas Hauke, Michael Kron, Isabella Erdö, Tatiana Riesen, Clara Siehoff and Mina Jafarisabet. Thank you to Johann Ostertag for the auditive journey in his sound design “lovers”. Marcel Ostertag and his brother are united in their dedication to creativity and art.

Many thanks to all the partners, who have been supporting him for many years:
Wilk PR, Westin Grand Berlin, Tamaris, Redken, Inclover, Vitamin Well, Nevaswater, José Cuervo and Lillet.