PRESS TEXT Autumn/Winter 2020 MEMORY



Being in the here and now means feeling the yesterday and seeing the tomorrow. Lengths of fabric tenderly enmesh us.

Do you remember the moment when you wore your favourite garment for the first time?

It's nice that you still wear it today.

I am glad that it has accompanied you for many years.

Centuries, decades, years, days, hours, minutes and seconds feel and emotionally unite.

Drawing strength from the past and transforming energy in the future -

this is what makes the present so exciting.

We are on an endless journey.

The destination of the hike is ourselves.

Remember the good.

Live the best.

Dream the maximum.

"I still remember the day my grandma taught me how to knit. We came home with many different balls of wool in rainbow colours, with different structures and she wrapped the first stitch around my knitting needle. That was my first haptic fashion moment. One of the yarns had fringes, which I let slip through my fingers again and again. I closed my eyes and had the feeling for the first time that I could create something special with my hands: fashion"

Haptic memories create connections to special pieces of clothing that we associate with very special moments. A wedding dress, for example, will never be forgotten because we associate this dress with the most important day of our lives. Or the first real blue jeans, which you had to wear quite often until it fitted and today it simply fits perfectly. Clothes with heritage and patina turn fashion into style. Marcel Ostertag would like to bundle these special experiences in a collection and let us feel the yesterday, the today and the tomorrow.

A collection that does not chase after trends, but creates its own stories and preserves memories with us. Special and especially in its casual wearability it welcomes us to the 2020s despite the visual nostalgia and the slight melancholy.

Marcel Ostertag revives the fashion glamour of the seventies and eighties with baroque prints reminiscent of the early days of Gianni Versace and gives a new face to this formative epoch.

How does it work? He likes to remember without forgetting to look to tomorrow. Inspiring times that have always driven the designer to create something new. Womenswear and menswear are brought together to create a new UNISEX silhouette that heralds the new decade. With a message that unfortunately we still have to shout out into the world: Equality for all! Love for all! Peace for all!

The collection's concept combines the highest level of craftsmanship with a very modern mix of materials that catapults the collection into the future. Classic cuts are reinterpreted. This is what Marcel wants to achieve this season: "I want to send looks across the runway that might have been shot in the Harpers Bazaar in 1979, but that can be worn just as well today and in the decades to come. Above all I want to attract people of all ages and backgrounds and make fashion easily accessible to everyone. It is wonderful to dress several generations and thus create a connection to leave our stylistic heritage behind.

From flowing dresses to figure-hugging suits, this collection leaves nothing to be desired. The play of material mixes and high quality fabrics inspires to feel and touch. Oversized coats are combined with casual bell-bottoms. Baroque prints are skillfully blended with plain cotton. Cashmere is mixed with silk, lacquer is mixed with wool and every single model feels great and lets us experience memories.

We would like to thank our strong partners for the wonderful cooperation, which creates new synergies across all sectors. With a view to the future, we work together on exciting projects. Like every season, this would not be possible without the great team. Marcel's greatest thanks therefore go to the team in the Berlin studio and head office - Julia Gockeln, Katharina Ohmert, Andreas Hauke, Lena Dewitz, Gabi Belling, Michael Kron, Jan Hartmann, Emily Eichenlaub and Valeria Furin. Thanks to Johann Ostertag for the auditory journey through Marcel's memories and for bringing together the tracks that have inspired Marcel over the last decades. Many thanks to the partners who have supported Marcel Ostertag for years - Westin Grand Berlin, Redken, Inclover, Mister Spex, Juwelenmanufaktur München, Mrs. Tonis Parfum Proceanis and the great team of on time PR.