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Klarna Instant bank transfer
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When you complete your order you can choose which payment method you want to use for your purchase.
Marcel Ostertag and the credit card issuers reserve the right to verify and approve all credit and debit card holders.
This ensures security and prevents fraud.
Credit card
If you decide to pay by credit card, simply log in to your MARCEL OSTERTAG account and add your credit card details in the Payment Method section. You can also save these details in your account. If you do not want to save your payment details in your account, you can simply enter them when you pay.
Paypal Express
Paypal is an online payment service from the company PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A, which offers a real-time payment solution with integrated buyer protection. In order to use Paypal, you need a Paypal account where you can enter your bank or credit card details so that you do not have to re-enter them with every purchase. With PayPal, you can send payments online securely, conveniently and inexpensively using your e-mail address and password. Your Paypal account will be debited directly with the corresponding amount and you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. For more information, please visit
Klarna Instant bank transfer
Sofortüberweisung is a direct bank transfer that works with your online banking data.
  • You choose your country and your bank.
  • Log in with your online banking data. The data will be encrypted and sent to your bank.
  • Some banks will send you an additional confirmation PIN to your smartphone, which you must use once to confirm your transaction.
  • As soon as the bank transfer was successful, the merchant will receive a confirmation and immediately start the order.
    In the Klarna App you can see all your purchases. Get your Klarna App now.
    Klarna invoice purchase
    MARCEL OSTERTAG accepts Klarna as payment method for orders shipped to Germany or Austria.
    Conditions for purchase on account
    • To pay with Klarna, please note the following:
    • You must be at least 18 years old to use Klarna as your payment method.
    • The billing address you enter must be the same as your registered address.
    • The maximum purchase amount allowed on Klarna's invoice is determined by Klarna's credit assessment and varies individually.
    • If your purchase fails, you may be able to try again with a smaller amount.

    Instructions in 5 simple steps
    Paying with Klarna is very easy - and this is how it works:
    Step 1 - Select Klarna as payment method and enter your billing and delivery information. Don't worry, your delivery address may differ from your billing and registration address.
    Step 2 - Klarna then performs an identity and credit check and verifies your information - this only takes a few seconds.
    Step 3 - Once your details have been verified and your order authorised, we will send you an order confirmation email. Your order will then be forwarded to our warehouse for processing.
    Step 4 - As soon as your order has been dispatched, Klarna will send your invoice to the e-mail address you provided when you placed your order. You have 14 days from the invoice date to pay your order. All payment information is stated on the invoice. Please indicate the reason for payment on the invoice so that your payment can be assigned.
    Step 5 - Keep track of the status of your invoice via the Klarna portal
    In the e-mail you receive from Klarna you can see when your invoice is due.
    Comments and contact to Klarna customer service *
    Klarna is an independent billing company. MARCEL EASTERDAY has no influence on whether your payment with Klarna is rejected. If you have further questions about your invoice purchase, please contact Klarna customer service directly.
    Please note that late or non-payment of your Klarna invoice may have a negative impact on your credit rating. You can access your Klarna invoice in your Klarna portal at any time to keep track of your payment.
    *Our website contains links to other Internet sites that are operated by external third parties and whose contents we would like to make accessible to our users. MARCEL OSTERTAG has no influence on these sites and assumes no responsibility for their content or availability.
    Apple Pay, Shop Pay
    Contactless, fast and secure payment with your Smartphone or Smartwatch
    Apple Pay/ ShopPay protects your payment information with multiple layers of security. At no time is your card number stored on your phone, but an encrypted virtual account number is used instead. For higher payment amounts (depending on the credit institution), you must also unlock your device - but even then, do not enter a PIN on the terminal. And if your smartphone is lost, you can search for it remotely, lock it or delete the content stored on it - unlike with your conventional wallet. So your account is always secure.